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8 Parents retreat ideas: Creating a luxury refuge

How to transform your private bedroom into a parents retreat In the fast-paced world of modern parenting, finding moments of solitude and serenity often seems impossible. As experts in Australian home design, our experienced team understands the importance of balancing family time with spaces to rest and recharge at home, in peace. If you are …

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A chic living room in Melbourne is adorned with modern decor, embodying the latest home renovation trends by Spacemaker.

Living Room Trends in 2023, Unpacked and Explained

Step into the world of interior design and immerse yourself in the latest living room trends. Discover the secrets to transforming your space into a personal sanctuary that exudes your unique personality and enhance your well-being. Our comprehensive guide, packed with valuable insights and expert design tips for both functionality and style, will help you stay ahead of the curve to create a truly remarkable living room in 2023.

Master bedroom styling tips

Seven Inspiring Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Discover seven practical ways to give your master bedroom a makeover with the latest master bedroom styling and decorating tips from our expert design team. From cosy bedding and luxurious fabrics to functional furniture that offers convenience, we share our top suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Learn more and prepare for a master bedroom upgrade that will help you to rest well, relax and rejuvenate.

Outdoor area and flooring trends with Spacemaker

Your Ultimate Guide to Great Home Flooring Ideas

From timber and tiles through to polished concrete and painted floors, here’s our ultimate guide to the most popular flooring ideas for your Melbourne home. In this article, we explore the various types of materials available and the best floor coverings to consider using in each room throughout the house. When you’re looking for home flooring ideas to compliment your next home improvement project, look no further – We’ve got you covered.

Reducing your homes carbon footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint at home

Subtle changes at home can have a huge impact on your energy bills and your carbon footprint. The day-today choices we make when we shop, when we choose more environmentally-friendly appliances and utility providers can all make a difference. Our handy guide to reducing your home’s carbon footprint explores energy consumption, passive design, appliances, building materials and more. Learn practical tips by reading our latest blog.

Best kids playroom ideas

Kids Playroom Ideas That Your Children Will Love

Decorating your child’s playroom can be incredibly exciting! There are so many creative ways to design the space so that it is as useful, functional and practical as it is enticing, fun and interesting for the little ones. We explore storage, space and wall décor ideas, plus artwork, indoor play and more in our latest blog to get you well on your way to designing a sanctuary for your kids. Read the full article today.

Kitchen renovation project, Albert Park

The Latest Kitchen Trends and Designs for 2022

It can be said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The heart of anything should be treasured and maintained with utmost care. The possibilities to do this are many, from opting for calming kitchen colours to fully-equipped smart home kitchen appliances tailored to your preference and requirements. If you’re looking to renovate your home to meet the current kitchen trends and learn what’s in store for the future, you’re in the right place.

Kew high street south project open plan kitchen

7 best custom house renovations and extensions

We explore seven examples of renovation and extension projects, many boasting awards won on a national stage. Find out how you can maximise space on a small plot of land and unearth innovative home design ideas for single storey and double storey abodes. We reveal the benefits of a home renovation and the major differences between extensions and renovations.

Spacemaker Kew High Street South project bathroom

Bathroom trends in 2022

Transform your bathroom from bland and boring to bold and beautiful with these remarkable interior design trends. Find out how to blend practicality with creative flair, discover stylish tapware and showstopper shower vogue. Learn how to make the most of limited space in a small bathroom and explore how the need for calm and wellness has made its way into our homes.

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