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As a leading provider of innovative home extension solutions, Spacemaker is committed to enhancing the lives of homeowners through creative design and superior craftsmanship. With decades of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for homeowners seeking to expand their living space. Our in the press section features insights and expertise on a range of topics related to home extensions.

Six Design And Finishing Tips When Building A Home
Design 10

Building a custom home or renovating your existing one has many benefits, so when you get the opportunity, make the most of it by covering all your bases. We’ve teamed up with Spacemaker Home Extensions, experts in home extensions in Melbourne, to share six of their most useful tips when building a home, and finalising the design and finishing touches.

A bright, alluring living room renovation features large windows, sleek TV, and tastefully chosen furniture.
Aspect Windows
Building a new home is an exciting time! There are several important factors—from the design and decor, to the style of the windows and doors. To help you work through these, we’ve put together a summary of what to consider when building a home.
A tasteful brick home renovation by Spacemaker features elegant furnishings and graceful wooden stairs.
Melbourne Brick
We love everything about bricks and aim to offer you some inspiration to get the very best out of your old home. If you are seriously lacking renovation ideas for old red brick houses or a federal style home but understand their value, this blog will answer some of your burning renovation ideas for brick homes.
A charming brick home surrounded by lush greenery showcases Spacemaker's dedication to quality building practices.
Melbourne Brick
At Melbourne Brick, we love everything about building with bricks. There are so many advantages to using brick when planning a new home or thinking about an extension to a house. To help you choose the right bricks for your home, we have collated some of the most commonly asked questions our clients ask us about brick home designs, brick wall designs and red brick designs.
A sleek kitchen and dining area renovation by Spacemaker features modern black and white decor that exudes sophistication.
Melbourne Brick
Spacemaker Home Extensions are a long-term client of Melbourne Brick. They are highly regarded for their quality design and home extensions in Melbourne, renovations and custom new homes.
A pristine bathroom renovation by Spacemaker boasts a state-of-the-art shower and vanity adorned with accessories.
National Tiles
The most important stages of a home renovation project are to do your research and make a start. Our step-by-step expert guide helps you ask the right questions, make some important decisions and find bathroom inspiration with flair.
A stunning modern kitchen renovated by Spacemaker highlights aesthetic designs and impeccable finishes.
National Tiles

Renovating a kitchen can be exciting and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many homeowners, so make the most of it when it arrives! Browse our tips for kitchen remodelling ideas and get inspiration for your kitchen finishes. 

A luxurious outdoor pool area renovated by Spacemaker Home Extensions displays contemporary style and comfort.
Spacemaker Home Extensions has been transforming homes across Melbourne since 1969. With more than 52 years of experience in creating incredible living spaces their clients love, Spacemaker has developed an outstanding reputation for delivering premium.

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