Bathroom trends in 2024

7 most popular interior design bathroom trends across Australia right now.

With many of us spending more time working from, or entertaining at home, we are seeking new ways to create a sanctuary in our homes. A bathroom can provide a much-needed retreat from our busy lives and offer a space to relax and unwind. From adding textural elements to creating a spa-like haven at home, the most popular bathroom trends of 2024 are sure to inspire your next makeover.

1. Future-proof bathrooms

The current bathroom trends are about blending practicality with architectural ingenuity and creative interior design. 

Future-proofing your bathroom may include investing in a walk-in shower or wet room, opting for a raised-height toilet or adding smart bathroom technology such as a sensor flush toilet. These additions will meet your evolving needs and make your home more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell up in the future.

Clifton Hill major demolition, renovation and extension - bathroom

2. Trendy tapware

Today’s tapware isn’t only a functional feature—it is fast becoming a statement piece in any cutting-edge bathroom. Carefully positioned taps can save space while creating an attractive interior design feature. Wall-mounted fittings save space on your vanity, while separate hot and cold water taps can add a vintage element to the overall aesthetic.

Durable tapware

While chrome will forever be a staple material and affordable option for tapware, many consumers are leaning towards ‘aged’ and durable materials that won’t lose their functionality. Bronze, brass and brushed nickel will oxidise and naturally tarnish, adding a rustic element that is striking and creates a timeless look.

Coloured tapware

While monochromatic bathrooms continue to be popular, the latest bathroom trends are seeing a switch to coloured tapware. Toasty hues such as rose gold add depth, while muted tones such as gunmetal grey give an earthy feel. If you have a larger bathroom that can handle bolder colours, consider a shade that will contrast with your walls.

3. Tactile textures

Incorporating a variety of textural elements is one of the latest bathroom trends this year, and is an imaginative way to add visual interest and depth to your bathroom. 


Mix and match textures

Blending matte and smooth finishes creates a distinctive visual experience while adding a variety of textures produces a sensational sensory feel. Mixing different textures also adds character without overwhelming the room. A wood vanity injects the right amount of texture and warmth into your bathroom, which is why it’s becoming a favourite. 

If space is limited, adding a strip of texture to a wall panel or textural elements such as a timber soap dish or patterned towels will also add depth at minimal cost. 

Spacemaker Kew High Street South project bathroom

Unfinished wood

Reusing and reclaiming timber is very much in demand in 2024. Not only is it beneficial for the planet, but it also helps us feel more connected to nature. Taking inspiration from Scandinavia and Japan, teak makes a perfect choice for bathrooms due to its resistance to rot.  

Timber mirror frames or wall panels are more cost-effective options. Seek advice before using wood in a bathroom, as it must be sealed to protect against dampness and mould.

A bathroom vanity from the Kew High Street South Project features pristine white tiles and a black sink.

Coloured concrete sinks

Concrete is very fashionable in bathroom trends right now. While traditional concrete may appear cold and harsh, using coloured concrete is an unconventional way to add a pop of colour. Pastel shades can add subtle depth while earthy tones instantly add a resort-like look and feel. 

Concrete sinks in bold colours are just as popular too. They can transform the sink from a functional fixture into a stunning focal point in the bathroom.


Stone and wood-planked floors

While traditional tiles will always be popular, timber, stone and stone-look floors are the latest bathroom trend. These materials not only provide an interesting textural feel underfoot but also enhance the bathroom’s visual appeal. When combined with elements such as pebbles or plants, they help create a serene atmosphere.

This natural look is becoming increasingly sought after by homeowners who want to infuse their spaces with warmth and a sense of relaxation.  


Terrazzo tiling

Terrazzo tiles are a major trend this year, and make a versatile, affordable and durable tiling solution. They offer endless design possibilities with their combination of natural-looking colours and textures, including quartz, marble, granite, shell, glass, and other materials polished into a smooth surface.

Terrazzo tiles add an element of texture while creating a distinctive appearance, making them a perfect option for modern interiors. 

Kew second storey extension & ground floor alterations - view of upstairs and stair case

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4. Showstopper shower trends

With apartment living on the rise and an increasing number of people becoming more environmentally conscious, newer bathroom designs favour showers rather than baths. But don’t worry, you don’t have to forgo luxury thanks to the varied range of shower options available.

Rain, double and walk-in showers

Forfeiting your beloved bath does not mean a compromise on relaxation. Rain showers are in demand now as they have a therapeutic effect on the body—the intensive water pressure combined with a jet spray eases tension from tight muscles.

Double showers are a favourite and are convenient for larger families, while walk-in showers offer greater accessibility. This Glen Iris bathroom renovation is a stellar example.

The Brunswick Western Project displays an ultra-modern bathroom with chic fittings and neutral tones.

Fluted glass

Say goodbye to old-fashioned shower screens and hello to ribbed-glass screens and dividers. Fluted glass is a prominent trend as it easily injects a contemporary aesthetic into your bathroom space. The bonus is that it ensures privacy without sacrificing light. 

Add black edging to fluted glass screens to further enhance their appeal and complement the overall design of your bathroom.

Caulfield South renovation and first floor extension - full view of bathroom

Shower benches and seats

Shower seats and benches are featuring more in current bathroom designs. They can store toiletries while giving a comfortable spot to sit on while you’re grooming! Low-level shower benches or floating seats can also provide extra storage space. 

In contrast, a portable stool or ottoman-style bench adds a modern feel. Timber and marble are particularly trendy materials this year. 


5. Maximising space in small bathrooms

If space is an issue, try some of the latest bathroom design ideas, tips and tricks to make your room feel bigger, from patterned floors to clever lighting.
Backlit mirrors give the illusion of more light and space and add a luxe powder room feel, particularly when mounted on a dark statement wall. For a sleek aesthetic, try integrating backlit mirrors with creative use of wall and ceiling lighting. Choose a mirror with a quirky shape to freshen up your suite.

Not only are skylights a huge trend for house extensions in Melbourne right now, but they’re also perfect for creating a greater sense of space in your bathroom. Allowing more natural light in can help you feel connected to nature. What better way to relax than to soak in your tub beneath the stars?

While magic moisturisers can help solve your ageing woes, having so many beauty products often creates a storage problem in bathrooms. Organiser baskets are not a new solution, but they are experiencing a popular resurgence. Opt for a neutral white or a rustic weave basket and make it a feature.
In-wall toilets are increasingly popular across Australia, especially for smaller bathrooms. They seamlessly blend into the space without sticking out, and the plumbing is cleverly concealed. Because half of the toilet is in the wall, there is only half the exterior to clean.
Natural timber bath caddies offer a convenient place to hold your book or glass of wine when indulging in a long soak. They also provide a practical place to place your towels or a room diffuser if you need more shelf or cupboard space.

Shelving that stretches from wall to wall maximises space and is versatile–it can be incorporated into your living room, bathroom, or master bedroom renovation. These stylish vertical shelves offer more bathroom storage, and can also serve as a focal point or discreetly divide a wall while reducing clutter.

6. Ultra-modern designs

Homeowners no longer view the bathroom as purely functional—it is now becoming their self-care sanctuary. Being able to unwind in a space with a deluxe feel and practical yet elegantly appointed details that give an aura of contemporary craftsmanship is a bathroom trend we’re witnessing across Australia in 2024.
Wheelers Hill bathroom renovation

Dark statement walls

Statement walls in darker colours have been prominent in recent bedroom trends, as they create greater intimacy and can make an otherwise minimalist room feel cosier. They also have the same impact in a bathroom. Colours like forest green or ash charcoal add drama and pair well with a backlit mirror, muted concrete sink or wood elements. 

Exposed plumbing

If under-vanity storage is limited, exposed plumbing can be a convenient space solution. In front of black or white tiles, visible fixtures can add a classic retro look and feel. When paired with a concrete sink, brushed tapware and a dark statement wall, exposed plumbing can combine an old-fashioned ambience with an avant-garde industrial vibe.

Curved fittings

Fittings and arches with curves are dominating the bathroom design scene. Consumers are embracing softer, more organic shapes for their bathrooms. Think curved shower and bath screens, arched mirrors, and rounded-edge vanities. These elements bring a sense of fluidity and sophistication into the bathroom.

Bathroom art

2024 is the year of bathroom art, with minimalist line drawings on a white background with a black frame, nude canvases, and black-and-white photographic prints. Try framing coloured wallpaper for an inexpensive way to add colour, or add a playful touch with bold or textured wallpapers. There are plenty of choices, from traditional prints to murals.
albertpark grieg st project bathroom

Geometric tiling

Incorporate intricate patterns into your home with geometric tiles. Bathroom floors and walls are the perfect place to start adding this feature. Patterns, shapes and designs such as chevrons, pickets, honeycomb hexagons, pebbles, diamond, scale, basketweaves and herringbone can add a brilliant yet classic touch.
Kew second storey extension & ground floor alterations - bathroom sink in matte black and white

Floating vanities

Mounted directly onto the wall, floating vanities create a light, airy feel while enhancing the spaciousness of your bathroom interiors. This type of vanity is extremely practical, visually appealing and easy to maintain, making it an on-trend choice for bathroom renovations this year.

Separate sinks

Instead of a standard double vanity, install individual sinks to create a more personalised experience. Consider placing a bathtub or coat rack between the sinks for extra style. This one-of-a-kind layout will make your bathroom extra comfortable with ample personal space and provide a functional room you’ll love.

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Grieg st Albert Park Bathroom

7. Wellness at home

With an increased focus on physical and emotional well-being over the past few years, homeowners are investing more in home health and wellness. Bathrooms are the perfect space to incorporate features that promote calmness and tranquillity while improving our health and hygiene.
Traditional bidet toilets often take up space, whereas smart toilets are more streamlined. With impressive features such as sensor toilet flush buttons, self-cleaning nozzles and automatically opening seats, smart toilets offer a convenient way to improve hygiene while also being kinder to the environment.
This latest trend in bathroom design is all about embracing the serenity of nature. Soft sage and deep forest tones create a cosy retreat that feels like a breath of fresh air. As you begin your day surrounded by these calming, natural tones, you can’t help but feel rejuvenated and energised.
With the renewed focus on health in recent times, bathroom designs that include spa-like features to improve well-being are becoming popular. Saunas, hydrotherapy baths, steam showers and spa baths allow you to have the ultimate hotel-like experience in the comfort and convenience of your home.
In 2024, people are getting creative in bringing the outdoors into their homes. If you are undertaking a single-storey home extension with a bathroom, consider making it an outdoor/indoor bathroom. This current trend features an outdoor shower, sometimes with a bath, encased in timber for a natural ambience.
There’s an increasing trend to combine indoor-outdoor spaces, with many opting for flooring that transitions from the indoors to outdoor decking to create a unified look for alfresco dining. Natural materials like wood and stone paired with muted earthy colours are an ideal choice, complemented by plants that thrive in humidity.
Marble is still a very much loved material in interior design, especially for bathroom suites. Bold marble and natural stones are trending and give your bathroom a classic elegance like nothing else. Marble showers, tiling and flooring can also add a soft, natural touch to your spaces.

Five bathroom trends that are phasing out

As home interior design trends evolve, certain bathroom trends that were once in vogue are fading out. If you’re planning a bedroom extension with an ensuite bathroom renovation, it’s essential to know which features are losing popularity to avoid investing in looks that may soon feel dated.
Creating the perfect parents retreat, a Spacemaker specialty

White bathrooms

Australian homeowners are moving away from the stark, clean look and opting for splashes of colour and texture. Natural woods, copper or nickel accents, and blue or green sinks and bathtubs are now back in style, adding warmth and vibrance to bathroom spaces.
A pristine bathroom renovation by Spacemaker boasts a state-of-the-art shower and vanity adorned with accessories.

Frameless glass showers

The trend is shifting towards more private, cosy walk-in showers with framed and dry-walled enclosures featuring openings like arches. This shift emphasises creating a spa-like environment in the bathroom, with a focus on comfort and luxury.
Glen Iris extension and renovation - master bathroom

Built-in bathtub and shower

Freestanding tubs made from durable, eco-friendly materials like concrete blends and copper are gaining popularity over tub-shower combinations. This is driven by the trend toward larger bathrooms and open floor plans, where these tubs make artistic statements. 


Standard toilets

Homeowners now prefer more sophisticated bathrooms, and standard porcelain toilets are simply not cutting it anymore. Modern toilets with features like built-in bidets and heated seats are essential for creating a relaxing and indulgent space. 


Artificial materials

Quartz and other manmade materials once dominated bathroom design. However, in 2024, we are seeing a shift towards natural materials like zellige tile, stone, wood and terracotta. These products bring a sense of authenticity and earthiness to the washroom and toilet. 

Kew High Street South bathroom renovation by Spacemaker

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